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Saya met us in the security guards from a hotel party. We only paused for food and calling my parents to let them know I would be staying over here tonight. Johnny pulled his dick back out and began jerking off again. I heard her angrily stomp around up stairs, then come down the stairs. Sissy Blakely, the toughest girl in school, was powerless against my touch. Suddenly Sissy sat up and pulled my head close to her.

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We both were incredibly stubborn and wouldn't give in to each other, it just made it all the more fun though.

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Johnny pulled his Dick out of the machine. I headed to the kitchen once I was fully clothed and quietly rummaged around for something to make breakfast with. Dukey always liked to tease me about my crush on Sissy. I immediately jumped to a conclusion; I had done something wrong and hurt her too badly to keep going. Stay here, I've got more at home.

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