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Fred and George Weasley and the Patil sisters. Similarly, Zeniba can be just as nasty as her sister—one of her first lines to Chihiro is a threat to rip the girl's tongue out if she says anything about her presence. Eventually, this was averted in a strange way. R is 2 cm taller, but that could be due to other things. Originally both girls were blonde, and one of them dyed her hair.

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At least in the series; in promo artwork, they are very frequently dressed exactly alike.

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Twins Videos

They are so identical in looks that they are easily mistaken one for the other by people who don't know either of them well, but so different in mannerisms, behaviour, and speech, that anyone who does know them well can tell them apart immediately. The twins played this up in most of their TV-movies as well. Happens to twins in Real Lifeas twins growing up together try to develop different personalities to distinguish themselves from their sibling. If you don't believe us, take a Wiki Walk through Twin Tropes. One of the more notable differences is Bill's focus on "true love" while until recently Tom was only looking for love of the one-night variety. In January last year the sisters - who are proud of the fact they "do everything together" - announced they both wanted to marry Ben.

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