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This is new, isn't? Kind of like having a discussion with myself. Cassian did not accept the idea of total depravityon which Martin Luther was to insist. PS - Honestly, I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that there are two PC's and one of them is not just a follower or companion. Explore the phenomenon of the political sex scandal and what the media's response says about the values of popular culture.

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Does Adam and Eve's original sin have to do with sex?

Look it stands to reason Technology has revolutionized our relationship with sex. He contradicted God's Word and said it was okay to eat from the forbidden tree. And We said, "Go down, [all of you], as enemies to one another, and you will have upon the earth a place of settlement and provision for a time. Sed futurus fuerat, sicut aliis membris, ita etiam genitalibus voluntate motis, non libidine concitatis; aut certe etiam ipsa libidine — ut non vos de illa nimium contristemus — non qualis nunc est, sed ad nutum voluntarium serviente Contra Julianum, IV. Sed libido illa est intelligenda habitualiter, secundum quod appetitus sensitivus non continetur sub ratione vinculo originalis iustitiae.

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